Thursday, 11 April 2013

Who am I?

Why does my mind constantly argue with itself when it comes to food choices?
Am I incapable of saying no? Or am I forcing myself to make ridiculous decisions to stay 'in control'.
I have taught myself that I need a plan to be healthy, or face the consequences. This is not working.

A new plan? Have no plan.
Listen to my body and ignore my arguing, clouded brain. Leave my mind for more tedious university-related thoughts.. urgh.

It's time to let go and stop being so.. irritating.

My body definitely likes being sugar free. I will make this effort. The rest I will just let happen.

Hello, I'm Ally.

What I learned while being SUGAR-FREE
1. Less sweet food tasted sweeter.
2. I stopped craving chocolate. I don't need it to make it through an evening shift at work. Huh? Yep.
3. It's not that hard.
4. It feels good.
5. I don't have to cook special foods to make it work, I just have to make the right choices. And have a few handy snacks for emergencies.


  1. Are you still sugar free?

    Or is a balanced approach possible.

    I went relatively low sugar over the summer but it seems to have crept back into my diet. I'll be trying to cut back over the next few months though because I know it's a huge problem.

  2. I'm not 100% sugar free anymore but I do keep the sugar I consume to a minimum. Because I'm more conscious of the foods that do contain sugar I don't find it difficult to exclude them from my day-to-day eating habits. The only source of sugar that I do eat is when I'm lazy and don't bake with alternatives (which I like to think is not too often..), or if I go to a dinner party and they serve dessert etc.

    I have the approach that if I keep most days sugar free then the odd thing here and there won't matter.

    I actually ate a few of my sugar-filled ANZACs last night and woke up this morning feeling awful - will definitely keep sugar free for the next few days! Yuck!