Saturday, 16 March 2013

I am procrastinating

This is an old questionnaire I discovered circulating between Finnish food blogs. I was interested in reading other peoples answers so thought I would answer it myself (...and I don't want to continue with the study I'm doing).

How do you enjoy your coffee/tea?

Black. No sugar.
I want to taste the tea or coffee that I am drinking, not milky sweet stuff.

What's your favourite breakfast?

Fresh, homemade Flax and Sunflower Seed bread with a smothering of peanut butter, then mashed banana, then a heavy sprinkling of cinnamon, then a top slice of bread with a layer of honey. Placed under the grill. Oh my.

Peanut butter?

Give it to me, baby. On fresh white bread. With celery. With a spoon...

What kind of a dressing do you want with your salad?

None, please :)

Coke or Pepsi?

Coke zero. I can feel it eating away at my stomach lining.. why doesn't that stop me?

You're feeling lazy, what will you make?

Toast and peanut butter! For someone else? Proper macaroni and cheese.

You feel like cooking, what will you make?

I'll spend an hour searching through the millions of saved recipes I have.. Then produce something with lots of vegetables, cooked in my beautiful red casserole dish.

Does some dish give you bad memories?

Hmm, nope. Although mushy peas and spam give me a laugh.

Does some dish remind you of someone?

Mushy peas and spam? My grandparents. Pulla? My mummi. Thai green curry? My mum.

Is there a dish you would refuse to eat?

Lanttukukko (Swede rooster).

What was your childhood favourite food?

Pizza! I now work in a pizza store.. hmm. 
And mummi's Zucchini box :)

Is there a food you hated as a child but now love?

Olives and liquorice. And nuts.

Your favourite fruit and vegetable?

Mangoes and pumpkin.

Your favourite junk food?

Is chocolate in that category? I don't think it's junk! If not, liquorice allsorts.

Your favourite snack?

A muffin or piece of fruit.

Do you have any weird food habits?

I don't think so..

You're on a diet. What shall you eat?

Lots of salad.

You finished your diet. What would you like to have?

A massive bowl of rich chocolate mousse with rich chocolate cake with chocolate shavings. And some raspberries and tea so I'm not sick as well.

How hot do you order your Indian/Thai food?

Medium - hot.

Something to drink?

Water, please.

Red or white?


Your favourite dessert?

Is this really necessary? Chocolate.

The perfect nightcap?

A cup of tea, or three.

What's your first baking or cooking memory?

Making pulla in mummi's kitchen.
Actually, making birthday cakes for my dolls - a jam sandwiches with the crusts cut off, cut into a circle.

Who has most affected your cooking?


Do you have a photograph as an evidence from your early cooking?

No :(

Do you suffer from any sort of a cooking fear, does even a thought of cooking a certain dish make your hands sweat?

No! Usually I don't know it's supposed to be hard until I've done it.

What's your most used or valued kitchen utensil and/or your biggest disappointment when it comes to your kitchen utensils?

My bar-mix. And my rubber spatula always provides a high level of satisfaction. Thinking about my oven gives me a migraine.

Name a funny or weird food combination that you really like.

I cannot for the life of me thinking of anything. Though someone did tell me my love of peanut butter and banana was bizzare.

Coconut and jelly??

Name three eatables or dishes you just can't live without.

Chocolate. Coriander. Mushrooms.

What's missing from your cooking?

A new oven, damnit.

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