Thursday, 25 July 2013

I'll do it! (Apart form the bits I don't like..)

Isn't it fabulous that we are happy to wholeheartedly accept an idea until an aspect of it makes our life more difficult.

Like religion: Yes, I'm a Christian, but no, I don't agree with their thoughts on gay marriage. You may make the point that religion is open to interpretation and there are so many ideas out there so what else can we do, really?

But what about our health? 'Yes, I won't eat sugar, except in chocolate. And fruit. And the odd piece of cake. Every night. '

I've done this myself with the idea of eating for your blood type (see: Eat Right 4 Your Type). I am blood type O. I have read the type O food recommendations list and was pretty motivated whilst I read the sections that said I shouldn't eat wheat but spelt and rye are ok (my preferred grains). And the columns for dairy and eggs say we should avoid all - well that's ok with me! This list is so relevant - absolutely I should avoid all of the foods they suggest!

And then I reached the nut and seed column. Peanuts are bad. Hmm, is this really right? Lentils are bad. This information probably hasn't been well researched.. No avocados. Nor cinnamon. Ridiculous! This list is rubbish and of course I shouldn't follow it!

I have seriously had this conversation with myself about 5 times over the last year.

I read it again tonight and laughed at myself for my silliness. Hang on a second - sometimes lentils make my stomach hurt. Corn irritates my skin..

Why do we only like to take part in convenient things, ignoring the clear facts in front of us? Interesting.

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