So what's the deal???
I'm all about eating WHOLE foods, from the ground, with as little 'stuff' added as possible. I like to know what I'm putting into my body because I'd like it to keep working at its best for as long as it can, thank you very much!

- Low Fructose! Keeping my blood sugar levels stable has stopped my afternoon slumps and reduced my cravings for sweet food. Occasionally I eat low fructose fruits like berries (and on the rare occasion a banana) and dates in cooking but I try to keep these to a minimum. I use rice malt syrup to replace honey/agave/maple syrup in cooking (and it is divine on porridge or pancakes!) and have experimented with dextrose as a sugar alternative but try not to eat it whenever I have been including any fructose in my diet. Cutting out fructose has balanced my mood swings and made me a nicer person to be around!

Vegan! I do not eat dairy or egg products due to intolerances. Removing dairy and eggs from my diet has reduced my headaches significantly, increased my concentration and balanced my micronutrient levels (I was severely overloaded with copper and lacking in zinc) which has in turn increased my libido, stopped migraines and given me so much more energy.
I do eat red meat when others serve it to me (aka I won't refuse a free feed!). I cook with vegetables and whole grains and encourage others to do the same. I make this decision for health reasons rather than ethical reasons, though I am pleased to know I am having a positive impact on the environment.

Reduced Gluten! This is a new one. I've been reading about the ways that gluten clogs up your intestine and stops you absorbing nutrients, not to mention irritates your stomach and other negative effects. I have decided to give gluten-free a try and see how it works for me. So far I have noticed decreased bloating (not something I have been concerned about until recently) and increased gas.. Not sure about that one, but we'll have a go and reflect after my body understands gluten has left it.

I don't use many supplements/vitamins. I occasionally (like, when I remember..) take zinc, and I take lysine when I get cold sores (only during times of high stress aka exam week). I have recently started using maca powder and have found it to have a positive effect on my mood and haven't had any pimples since I started using it - but that may be coincidence. When I'm sick I take garlic and horseradish and sometimes a multivitamin.

I loooove nuts and seeds. I add chia seeds to EVERYTHING. Pepitas, almonds, walnuts, sunflower, linseed and chia are my staples, but I indulge on a wide range of other nuts and seeds regularly as well.

Coconut oil is my oil of choice and I go through an impressive amount of coconut cream.

I'm on the green smoothie train and have one every other morning/gym mornings for breakfast.

And exercise?
I love to move, stretch and sweat.
I try to get to the gym most days. 
I love spin classes and try to get to those three times a week, and get some weights out three times a week as well.
I don't push it - if my body is telling me I am tired or unwell, I listen. If I'm stressed about too many assignments, I don't try to fit a run in to my too busy schedule. And if I feel like going in the afternoon and I've been that morning - bring it on! Our bodies were made to move and I like to keep mine strong and healthy! What else have we got, anyway?

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