Friday, 5 July 2013

My Home

I have been inspired by a post on Mrigank Warrier's blog titled 'Home Alone'.

Home is where my brother and I may hate and love each other simultaneously. Home is were the last biscuit or control of the remote (me-mote) allows us to strangle each other, and where we can snuggle in front of the heater when our favourite cartoons are on.

Home is where you can run outside to the washing line in nothing but your underwear, and where it is acceptable to wear your pyjamas from morning to night. Home is where it's ok to yell out "I NEED MORE LOO PAPER!!" and expect someone to come running.

Home is dropping a piece of food on the floor and letting the dog clean it up. Where you can tell the cook you don't like your dinner and them tell you to suck it up and eat it anyway. Home is where chores are dreaded, result in shouting matches, but somehow always get done.

Home is freshly brewed coffee, ready when you crawl out of bed in the morning. Home is the place you can ignore everyone around you when you're overtired and hunting for breakfast.

Home is a place you can cry and be held. Home is where you can be ANGRY and hate people and that be ok. At home you can be rude and short. Home is where you're forgiven.

Home is snuggles on the couch under a blanket for Friday night movies. Home is hugs for no reason at all.

Home is no boys in the bedroom! Doors open at all times! Home is keep your room clean (no one ever sees it!).

Home is rushed dinners as family flys in and out of the door. Home always has dinner ready, set aside and ready to heat. Home is sharing. Home is calling everyone to ask who would like a lift home. Home is notes on the table when you wake up - Hang out the washing! Don't eat my cake! Have a nice day! I love you!

Home is flowers picked from the garden. Breakfast in bed of cold coffee and too much vegemite. Home is playdough. Home is the colouring tin. Home is made up games that you make your brother play with you.

Home is creeping into each others bedrooms to steal a pair of socks. Home is sharing jumpers and trying to figure out who's shoes are who's.

Home is always open. Always welcoming, and always warm. Home is saying grace before we eat, and having enough for drop-ins. Home is forgiving and forgetting. Home is where you can be yourself. Home is where we belong.

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