Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Vegan Eats: London

This summer I spent 7 weeks in England, visiting family and being a tourist. 
One of my favourite things about London was the popularity of Vegan eats. Here are some of my favourites:

Cookies and Scream (website)
Camden Market
Vegan and gluten-free bakery.
Hosts the best brownie I have ever eaten.

Their Chewy Wookie Bars are also delicious - almost too big to take a bite out of, a great vegan version of Hedgehog Slice.

If you want to find a giant vegan cookie, this is your place, too.
Whilst I wasn't particularly impressed with their chocolate chip cookies, their ginger cookie provided a delicious sweet-spiced hit.

Next time: I'll try their vegan donuts!!
                                                                                      Ruby Tuesdays (website)
                                                                                      Greenwich Market
Vegan cakes and cupcakes.
Hosts the best double chocolate muffin I have ever eaten.

Ruby's cakes, which you can buy by the slice, are divine. I tried her Chocolate and Strawberry Gateaux and it gave me that warm-fuzzy feeling that only cake can!

My brother says her carrot cakes are spot on, and I particularly liked her chocolate, coconut and raspberry cupcake!
Next time: I'll try her Chai Spiced Choc-Chip cupcake!

Mildred's Vegetarian Resturant
45 Lexington St, Soho, London
I have blabbed and blabbed about Mildred's.
Hosts the best vegan meals I have ever eaten.

Vegan Ethiopian Stall
Brick Lane Market (Sundays)
Hosts the best Ethiopian food I have ever eaten.

I don't know what the stall is called. I have no pictures. All I know is: when you go to London you must find this place!!! 
After my first lunch there I made a day of the markets so I could go back for dinner. I then returned to the markets just to find this food on my last day in London. Go there. Now.

Wholefoods (website)
Piccadilly Circus and Kensington High Street (and many other locations)
A supermarket designed for lovers of food.
Their Banoffee Pie (in a tub) is a fantastic vegan dessert, and while many of their products are not vegan - they have a fantastic range of cheeses, and meats, and anything else you can imagine - they have a great range.
I found vegan and soy-free iceream that was delicious. 
I found vegan chocolates in their chocolate counter. I found cookbooks. I found amazing breads, and a great range of vegetables, and nuts and seeds and oh my.. 
My sister-in-law and I both admitted to popping in to pick up some milk and spending a whole hour in there just browsing their shelves.

If you possibly can, find the time to visit these places. They could not let you down.

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