Friday, 16 November 2012

Pancakes: BEST, accidentally vegan

I think I bake when I get excited and nervous..
This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn and wanted to do one thing: cook. What do you cook in the early hours of the morning? Pancakes!

My mum (I blog in American! I just wrote 'mom'. Why do I think only American bakers blog?! Aussies, I need to know you're there!) is the pancake queen of our house (I think all houses should have one). She, however, hates pancakes. She eats half a pancake and after half an hour will feel like she's been hit by a truck. So she just cooks them and in return feels the love of her family's full bellies. This might be a good moment to mention my darling mother isn't much of a housewife. She can only cook two things: Thai Green Curry and Pancakes. Both of which are the best you can get your hands on. Until now!

All this baking has left me eating a little too much of the good stuff, so I thought I'd whip up some pancakes for my brother and his friends (containing allergens which means I couldn't eat them even if I was tempted :p) whom I knew would be waking up a feeling a little seedy in the a few hours.

There's something you should know about me. I have a heavily filled bookmarks bar. All my bookmarks have been categorised into folders. These folders have subfolders. And every single link is to a recipe.

A large portion of these recipes are for pancakes.

Perhaps I'm a collector? I've bookmarked pancake recipes from various blogs I've come across, some vegan, some not. Today I opened a lot of these and had a look at what they had in common. Got a bit of an idea and deleted them all. No more pancakes recipes! Well, almost. I still have Manifest Vegan's Pumpkin Maple Pancakes recipe and Triple Chocolate Pancakes recipe (saved as 'BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST ONLY' in my bookmarks bar), but when you click on these links and see the photographs you will understand why.
I then opened the fridge to find.. No milk. No eggs. No butter.
So, dear readers, formed the best pancakes I have ever had, completely 100% accidentally vegan. Oh, and refined sugar free too.

Pancakes: For dairy lovers and vegans alike
makes 10-15 large pancakes
2 cups SR flour
2 1/3 cups almond milk
2 psyllium eggs (or two eggs/other substitute)
4 tbsp butter substitute (I use Nuttelex original), melted + extra
3 tsp stevia (powdered)
Pinch of salt
Dash of vanilla

1. Prepare psyllium eggs by adding 6 tbsp boiling water to 2 tsp psyllium husk, mix and set aside, stirring occasionally.

2. Whisk flour and almond milk. Add melted butter.
3. Once the eggs are good and gluggy whisk them in too, then add the stevia, salt and vanilla.

4. Heat a (preferably flat) saucepan with some butter substitute, then add some pancake mix. Swirl the pan around much easier if you have a fry pan with a handle.. life could be a dream.. to evenly spread the pancake mix and once bubbles form (it won't be long) flip the pancake and cook the other-side until lovely and golden.

You'll notice I don't give a stove temperature of low/med/high here. This will vary depending on the pan you're using/how long you've been cooking the pancakes (I usually have to turn the heat down when I'm about half way through cooking) etc. Just find what's right for your kitchen.

I particularly enjoyed these with long slices of banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

I made a second batch of these and stirred in about 150g of chocolate chips before cooking and these were the ones I actually gave to the seedy teens filling my house. Said teens have been quoted saying "These are the best pancakes I have ever had!", "This is house is amazing to stay at!" and when I told one of them they were vegan and sugar-free (well, apart from the chocolate chips) she said "No way. They were so good!".

The best response? My mum came down as I was making these and ate three in total during the morning. She said she didn't feel at all sick afterwards and half an hour after eating them couldn't tell that she had at all! She loved them. If you know someone who feels rubbish after pancakes, give this a go and see if you can change their outlook on life - pancakes are smiles for the tummy!

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